A Fun Suggestion For Your Next SW Meeting

As a slimming world consultant, you love what you do and are passionate about helping others live healthier lives and making them feel great about themselves.

We also know you and your group probably like to have a bit of fun in your meetings because it keeps things fresh and exciting.

One of the fastest growing consumer drinks trends in the UK today is Gin. The classic compliment to Gin is Tonic Water. However, there are not many great tasting low calorie tonic waters around. 

Introducing: Skinny Tonic

Skinny Tonic is a syn free British tonic water. It's great for slimmers as it is zero sugar, zero artificial "nasties" and zero calories.

Skinny Tonic was launched in ASDA, late March 2019.  Ian Minton (the creator) is a type 1 diabetic from Liverpool and he simply couldn't find a zero calorie tonic water that he liked so he decided to make his own.

The chances are, many of your members are lover a bit of Gin too. With that in mind, here's a great idea that's topical, fun and zero syn activity.

Introducing the "Tonic Taste Test"

Skinny Tonic not only tastes great but

Contains ZERO sugar, ZERO artificial additives and ZERO calories = ZERO Syns!

We would love you introduce this new drink to your members. It doesn't have to be mixed with alcohol either. It makes a great mixer for juices too.

It can be a fun new product to share and the feedback so far has been very encouraging.