Buying Shares In Halo Drinks Co.


Halo Drinks Co. (Skinny Tonic) shares are available exclusively to members of The Angel Business Club. The Halo Drinks Co. is a privately owned business and shares cannot be bought on a public stock exchange.

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Buying Shares In Halo Drinks Co.

Step 1: Add funds to your cash account

Duration: 5-10 minutes

i) Login to your Angel Business Club back office (login here)

ii) Select "cash account" from the menu options

iii) Click "credit account" button

iv) Follow the instructions and transfer funds into your account

Tip: I recommend using TransferWise (click here) rather than using a bank wire. It is a lot cheaper and quicker and also allows you to use a credit or debit card if you prefer.

Step 2: Buying shares on the internal exchange

Duration: 5 minutes

Once you have funds in your cash account (deposits usually take 48 hours to clear), you can buy shares. You do this through the internal share exchange.

i) Login to your Angel Business Club back office (login here)

ii) Select "Trading" from the "Companies" main menu list

iii) Click on "Halo Drinks Co" which will take you to the trading page specifically for Halo Drinks Company shares.

You now have two options:

Option 1: BUY shares immediately from existing seller(s)

This is an IMMEDIATE way to BUY shares from a seller who is offering to SELL their shares.

In the "SELL/ASK OFFERS" section, you see the offers of people wishing to sell shares and the prices they wish to sell at.

Choose a price you are interested in buying and click on "show". This will show you all the individual offers to sell at that price. 

If you are only interested in one offer, click on "buy" on that price. Alternatively, if you wish to buy more shares, you can select up to 3 offers. If you have selected multiple offers, click on the "BUY SELECTED" button that appears at the top of the "SELL/ASK OFFERS" section.

On the next page, you will see details of your offer to BUY shares, including the full cost. Before you can complete your purchase you will need to confirm your identity by entering the unique code sent to your phone via sms.

Confirm your security code and then click the "BUY SHARES" button. 

Congratulations! You have just purchased some shares in Halo Drinks Co.

Option 2: Submit an OFFER to buy shares

This option doesn't guarantee you will be able to BUY shares, as it requires a seller accept to your offer.

Click on the "ADD OFFER" button just below the share price graph.

Choose the type of offer as "BUY"

Select how many days you want to offer to remain on the exchange before it expires (1, 3, 5 or 7 days)

Enter how many shares you wish to BUY (e.g. 50, 100 etc).

Before you can complete your OFFER to BUY you will need to confirm your identity by entering the unique code sent to your phone via sms. Enter this on the page and click the "CONFIRM" button.

Next, click on "ADD OFFER" and your offer to BUY will be added to the exchange. 

You will see your offer on the exchange, highlighted in GREEN, making it easy for you to identify as your offer. No-one else sees it highlighted.

You can delete your offer anytime you wish. If you don't delete your offer, it will remain on the exchange until it is either accepted by another member or automatically expires on your chosen expiry time.

You can invest as little or as much as you wish. There are no commission charges so the price you see is the price you pay.

Once you have purchased shares, they will be visible in your portfolio. To see your portfolio, click on the "equity entitlements" menu option.

You will not receive a share certificate in the post unless you specifically request this. However, you should note there is NO advantage to having a paper certificate. In fact it is not advisable as you would need to pay an admin fee for the certificate plus you would not be able to sell your shares on the internal exchange if you hold them as a paper certificate.

Shares are held safe and secure in a ring-fenced account by an independent custodian, authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).